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Photo: Petra Vlasman

Photo: Pancho de León

MARINA BARSY JANER Performance artist, researcher and curator. Co-director of MATERIC.ORG cultural centre and curator of MAR DE ISLAS Caribbean performance encounter. She also holds a PhD in Art History and Theory. Her investigations attempt to decolonize the body-geography. She has presented her work in the Americas and the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. 

Title of the work:DesterrritorialidadES

Photo: Yoni Shih

Photo: Rachel Rampelman

KATHIE HALFIN is an interdisciplinary artist, performer and independent curator who graduated with honors in Fine Arts from the School Of Visual Arts.

Halfin's work reflects on personal and politically charged experiences of immigration, labor and gender identity. Her performances explore modes of resistance to oppression through endurance, vulnerability and personal storytelling. Through reenactment of daily routines, visceral encounter with materials, and emotionally charged often conflicting cultural experiences Halfin questions cultural stereotypes and explores how the dominant language could be upturned and questioned.

 Halfin’s performances were presented at the art festivals, institutions and multiple art spaces across New York. Among them Elektron Performance Art Residency 2020, OPAF Online Performance, Sattelite Art Fair: Performance Is Alive 2019, Woodstock Artists Association and Museum 2019, NARS Foundation 2019, White Box Performance Series 2019, Immigrant Artist Biennial Soft Launch: Assembly Room 2019, Itinerant Performance Festival: Smack Mellon 2019, Knockdown Center: Sunday Series 2018, Art In Odd Places Performance Festival 2018,

 Kathie Halfin received scholarships and residencies at (upcoming) Cha North Art Residency, Bronx Museum AIM Biennial 2017, Wassaic Project Residency, and Vermont Studio Center.

Title of the work: Spectrum Of Red


Instagram: @eclectic_body


Photo: Justyna Gorowska

John G. Boehme identifies as a cisgender white male of German and Scottish heritage currently living in Victoria, BC Canada the Lekwungen speaking homeland of the Esquimalt, Songhees peoples. His early art practice included painting, sculpture, performance video, digital technology, installation & photography. Boehme describes recent work as "trans-disciplinary" often employing performance, video, audio & objects in a number pieces simultaneously, Boehme is not constrained to any particular creative mode & therefore utilizes integrated approaches to realize the work. John continues to have exhibitions, screenings & participate in festivals across Canada, Australia, the Americas, United Kingdom, Europe & China. John is an Artist & Educator, teaching Performance Art, Ceramics & Sculpture as a continuing faculty of the Visual Arts Department at Camosun College

Title of the work: Crossover

Instagram: #johngboehme


LuLu LoLo

Photo: Dan Evans

LuLu LoLo is a performance artist, playwright/actor and activist for over twenty-five years. Ageism, immigration, historical references, ritualism, symbolism, myth, and always humor along with reverent irreverence are incorporated into LuLu’s performances. LuLu curated Art in Odd Places (AiOP) 2019: INVISIBLE, a public art festival featuring 82 artists celebrating the indomitable spirit of artists who are sixty years of age or older. LuLu has performed in six AiOP festivals over the past fifteen years in the guise of different personas to illustrate timely topical issues. Her public actions in Where Are the Women? (2015) highlighted the lack of public monuments to women in New York City and was featured in the New York Times.

Instagram: TheLuLuLoLo
Twitter: @FabLuLuLoLo

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PAOC Performance Arte Open Call (USA)


PEPA Pequeño Evento de Performance Art (Spain) 

in collaboration with 




An international Virtual Viral Event Collaboration 

Curated by Verónica Peña and Analía Beltrán i Janés

15/03/21 3:30 pm CET:

Simultaneous international live online performances

Also Participating: OBLAK (India), INprocess (India), Pan Asia (South Korea), La Sonora Performancera (Mexico), PALTA (Bolivia)  


15/04/21 8:00 pm of each country



Isabel León in Spain

Isabel León is a spanish visual artist, independent cultural organizer, and teacher. Her work has focused on performance art, taking part in numerous festivals, events, and residences, also in Spain and abroad, such as Canada, Germany, Finland, Norway, Ukraine, or Morocco. She co-coordinates the project "EXCHANGE Live Art" to research communication and shared creative processes. She also teaches, conducting workshops in different contexts and institutions, such as art centers, universities, and independent spaces

Photo: Jorge Pastor

Lara Salmon in USA

Lara Salmon is a performance artist and writer based in Los Angeles, California. She often works internationally, composing location-specific performances to address social histories. Her pieces explore the endurance of a body pervaded by chronic pain. Lara has had eight solo and over thirty group exhibitions in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Cuba.

M.U.R.T.A. in Chile

I am Kareen but I work under the name M.U.R.T.A in my creations, I am by profession an architect and in eternal training a dancer. I am the director of my own dance company, I work as an independent architect and I am constantly searching for new languages ​​of expression, such as performance. I have participated in festivals and exhibitions in my country, Chile and abroad.

David López Restrepo in Denmark

Photo: David S López

Born in Medellín, Colombia, David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo studied a Bachelor of Fine and Visual Arts at the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia (U.P.T.C.), where he experimented with installation, video art and performance while working as a teacher at the preschool and pedagogic research center, “Rayuela”, where he experimented with different forms of pedagogy and developed a project
with children producing short films. When graduated from U.P.T.C,he travelled to Argentina where he studied a Master in Combined Artistic Languages at Universidad Nacional de las Artes (U.N.A.). His art works have been presented in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Norway,Sweden, Åland, Svalbard and in the Faroe Islands. His work is part of the Colombian Consulate’s “Artists abroad bank”. Currently, the artist lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he is the director of Performance køkkenet an organization of contemporary arts, organizing the International performance art festival Body Landscapes for the second year in row, with the support of the Danish Arts Foundation (StatensKunstFond). 
He is also work with video art,collage,installation, mail art and artist’s book.

Photo: Rodrigo Sylwan

PAOC Performance Arte Open Call

PEPA Pequeño Evento de Performance Art
YouTube: PEPA Pequeño Evento de Performance Art


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PEPA ONLINE febrero 2021

Foto: Yon Bengoichea

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1984

Artista multidisciplinar. Vive y trabaja en Valencia. Licenciado en Bellas Artes por la Universidad de La Laguna. Máster en Producción Artística y actual doctorando por la Universitat Politècnica de València. Ha participado en diversas exposiciones a nivel nacional e internacional.

"Sin título"

Mi trabajo está relacionado con un cuerpo herido, la memoria y la construcción lingüística de la misma. El análisis de mi cuerpo ha supuesto su accionamiento a través de la performance, la cual enfoco como un acto simbólico que materializa la incertidumbre interna del sujeto contemporáneo. En mi práctica también es habitual emplear el vídeo, la pintura, el dibujo, la fotografía, el apunte y la escritura.

En los últimos años me he centrado especialmente en la palabra como signo que ha perdido su capacidad para comunicar u ofrecer diálogo. Al no disponer de una fusión de horizontes, la comunicación se presenta como una meta inalcanzable, siendo de este modo imposible construir un discurso, ya sea hablado o escrito. En este contexto el cuerpo se presenta como ejecutor, portador y destructor de la palabra. 

En 2017 comencé mi tesis doctoral como becario FPI del grupo de investigación Laboratorio de Creaciones Intermedia de la Universitat Politècnica de València. Mi investigación se centra en el encubrimiento o encriptación de la palabra dentro del arte contemporáneo como síntoma posmoderno ante la sospecha o la desconfianza que producen las fuentes literarias. Utilizo lo ininteligible como estrategia para evidenciar el desorden mental y la desorientación ante la abrumadora diversidad de referentes.



Foto: La roca del tiempo

Clara Macías Carcedo - Ars Mágica 1984

Creadora audiovisual, performer y artista multidisciplinar.

Ave exótica migratoria, vive, y trabaja entre Madrid y Ciudad de México.

Sus creaciones como artista multidisciplinar profundizan en la búsqueda del inconsciente colectivo para crear otras “ realidades”  y transformarla a través de la creatividad.

Activista,  agitadora poética y rebelde con causa, da rienda suelta a su ingenio creativo  con proyectos que cabalgan entre las artes vivas y las experiencias audiovisuales.

El trasfondo de todas sus obras en últimos 10 años cuestiona la percepción de la vida cotidiana y sus misterios más profundos, arrojando luz sobre las zonas desconocidas de la existencia.  Se considera una médium poética en acción,  rescatando los arquetipos de poder femenino.  Jugando todos los roles posibles

"Mi (No) Boda 6. Exorcismos a vestidos de novia. The end"

¿Porqué el ritual de la boda, es el acontecimiento que se perpetúa en nuestro inconsciente colectivo como la única celebración del amor?amor? Propongo llevar a cabo un trabajo con el imaginario que subyace en el inconsciente colectivo, en concreto con aquellas imágenes o emblemas que, de tan arraigadas ejercen un poder casi sobre natural sobre nuestras conciencias.

Hagamos un “exorcismos” a la mujer enfundada en un vestido blanco, símbolo de discreción, de pureza, de recato, a la mujer que espera ser “develada”; a la mujer madre, de aire melancólico con el niño el brazos, correlato de la Virgen. La boda tradicional funciona como modelo normativo y mecanismo de control, estos modelos estereotipados al ser escenificados una y otra vez, generan la “ilusión” de que es algo natural. En estos episodios de las (No) Bodas hay espacio para todos lo cuerpos, todas subjetividades puesto que su sentido último es la celebración de la vida. Así estas (No) Bodas se conformarían en una suerte de ritual artístico susceptible de convertirse en bacanal. 


IG @clararsmagica


canal twitch



Foto: Ana Rita Rodrigues

Ana Maeso (1987) es profesora de Educación Artística en la Universidad de Almería. Actualmente investiga sobre las intersecciones entre la educación artística, performance y performatividad desde un punto de vista sociopolítico.

"Ser vientre"

Ana Maeso (1987) es profesora de Educación Artística en la Universidad de Almería. Licenciada en Bellas Artes y Máster en Artes Visuales y educación por la Universidad de Granada, y Doctora por la Universidad de Sevilla con la tesis doctoral “La dimensión político-social del arte de acción y su incidencia en los entornos pedagógicos. Enfoque y prácticas performáticas como recurso educativo”. Actualmente es miembro del grupo de investigación ECAV. Educación y Cultura audiovisual (HUM401), y miembro del colectivo Communiars. Sus líneas de investigación y docencia se centran en la intersección entre la educación artística y la performance y performatividad desde un punto de vista sociopolítico. Ha participado como performer en encuentros naciones e internacionales como FEM_12, 9º Encuentro Internacional de mujeres artistas de arte de acción y performance (Girona, 2012); IPA Summer 2012, participando en el IPA Platform Young Performance Artist Festival (Estambul, 2012); o Miradas de Mujeres (MAV) (Archidona, 2013). En su creación artísticas trata de trabajar desde las connotaciones simbólicas de los materiales y potenciando la idea de performance como ritual.





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PEPA ONLINE January 2021


Photo: Pranay Verma

Dimple B Shah is a multidisciplinary artist from Bangalore. She worked in various residencies like ROSL residency UK 2019, Villa Welbreta residency, Munich 2017 Space Studio, Baroda, Glasgow Print Studio UK, Printmakers Studios have been honoured with India Foundation for the Arts grant for project 560, 2014, Afiriperforma residency, Lagos  2013 (Prince Claus Fund), First Gold Prix in 7th Engraving Biennale, Versailles 2009, National Award, GOVT of India 2008, Commonwealth Arts & Crafts Award, UK 2005, Arunawaz Award 2004, Junior Fellowship, HRD, Govt.2001/2. She had solo shows in Glasgow Print studio, Uk. , Sumukha Art Gallery. Her work has developed in a span of two decades and she works in Painting, Printmaking, Installation, Video Art, and performance art. Her intention is to blend these mediums into an interdisciplinary language

 In Search of Antidote- Encountering Catharsis

In search of Antidote-Intercepting Psychosis is proposed work for PEPA it is about it is a process to find an antidote understanding the subconscious thoughts through various ritual processes. These rituals inspired by my cultural shamanistic practices which are   incorporated in my work with profound metaphoric connotations. The idea is to undergo experiential cathartic effect on both for my audiences and myself.

Catharsis, Purification, Healing, Filtration, and Condensation & Extraction of Pure Self are essential elements in my works. Through various approaches which are Ephemeral, Spontaneous & Interactive in Nature. Key areas of my concerns have been Humanitarian, related to War, Crimes, Migration, Women's issues, and Socio-political, Psychological and Philosophical aspects. All these thoughts go in the process of Distillation (psychologically/ physical) relating to concerning issues.  Collect the research material and the sources to finally, extracting a purified element out of it.  It helps in the process of healing.  My work encapsulated with Process of Distillation metaphorically may be applied to all areas of concerns/ issues addressed in works like socio-political, Ecological, Environmental, Psychological, Philosophical and Existential questions about Life &Humanity. As an individual who is part of a social structure, a self who has to navigate through repercussions of socio-political upheavals, develop perspicacity on related human issues, and on a personal level of existence coping with an emotive response of alienation, insecurity, fear, the by-product of our "Post Modern" era. The duality of exploration reflects the concepts underlying in works. I outline my art practice as Multidisciplinary as my art practice has evolved through practice in various mediums like Performance, Printmaking, Painting. My focus has been to blend this medium of art into an interdisciplinary language.

Photo: Somatic Distortion

I think that poetry is at the base of life and that it must be lived that way. I've been trying my whole life to understand what art is. Over the years I have experimented with almost everything. I still have not managed to understand what it is. This is why I continue.


This action is the likely sequence of an unlikely reset.

Photo: Christine Mackey


Sandra Corrigan Breathnach is an interdisciplinary artist working mainly in Performance Art, her practice includes elements of Sculpture, Drawing, Photography, Video and Sound, Corrigan – Breathnach recently created and organised R-A-W a new Bbeyond online Performance Art Video Exhibition, she also initiated and Curated ‘Somatic Distortion’ a performance art event which she developed with the L.S.C. & The Glens Centre in 2019. Corrigan – Breathnach is Co-Chairperson of the performance art organisation Bbeyond Belfast

Severance II

‘The fundamental core of my practice deals with states of phenomenological expression of self and connectivity of the physical and meta-physical. Through this expression my life is given meaning, it is the search for meaning within my life, that has brought my work to its current manifestation. Performance Art allows me to enter an existential plain, where the vein of an innate knowledge as Beings in this world is explored through both live and photographic mediums, culminating in a lexicon of works that seek to communicate, focusing on the narrative between objects and action, with live works incorporating vibrations of sound and energy, developing forms through performance actions and mark making. Intent on transcending ego my work lifts me to a heightened state of communication exploring natural materials as means of expression to connect and open discourse, exploring the temporal tensions in relation to identity, seeking to go beyond the shroud of modern life.’

After the performances we will have Q&A with the participation of ANDRE STITT 

martes, 15 de diciembre de 2020

PEPA ONLINE Diciembre 2020

En la charla posterior a la performances contaremos con la participación de DANIEL VILLEGAS, profesor en la facultad de Bellas Artes de La Laguna, Tenerife.


Alberto Monreal transita con avidez el mundo inabarcable de la creación. En busca de la deconstrucción de la convención artística, actualmente imparte(de)formaciones en arte de acción en Zaragoza, donde desarrolla paralelamente producciones de Butoh, asistencia en los proyectos multidisciplinares de Trarutan y formas diversas de pedagogía y crecimiento personal a través del arte.

INFECTAGRAM#1 Ser seguido o no ser

La ambición es motor de grandes locuras: a veces hace que apetezca ser infectado, ser infectado por la mirada desconocida, por la masa desconocida. No quiero perder la conciencia de que hago esto en busca de aprobación. Y a la vez no quiero enfrentar al gIGante sin reírme de él con mis justificaciones poéticas. Si no se completa este reto, tanto mejor: habré ganado la batalla.

Tras trabajar el acto performativo online a través de streamings en Facebook (trilogía “(MEDIT)ACTION”, “MISA EN ABISMO” junto a Rocío Agudo, “CARTOGRAFÍA DE UNA RUINA” con Espacio en Blanco…), Alberto Monreal continúa la reflexión sobre el impacto de las redes al performativizar su entrada en Instagram. El reto: si en una semana consigue tener en una nueva cuenta de Instagram tantos seguidores como amigos en Facebook, incorporará esta red social a su vida cotidiana. En caso contrario, no habrá llegado el momento de empezar a usarla. La búsqueda de amigos se realiza en varias llamadas multitudinarias a nivel internacional, con el apoyo del PEPA (Pequeño Evento de Performance Art), Performistanbul, PerfoREDmx y Performance Art Open Call.

Alberto Monreal transita con avidez el mundo inabarcable de la creación. En busca de la deconstrucción de la convención artística, actualmente imparte (de)formaciones en arte de acción en Zaragoza, donde desarrolla paralelamente producciones de Butoh, asistencia en los proyectos multidisciplinares de Trarutan y la gestión de la plataforma de Arte y Naturaleza

Foto: Willem Wilhelmus


Drifting from personal to political, her work focuses on exploring methods to break down and capture moments of her past and present. Resulting from an auto - ethnographic research, her work does not only talks about her but about issues affecting bigger groups of people. 


Originalmente me acerqué al carbón durante un período de enfermedad mental. Vi el carbón como una materialización del miedo: un material que al masticarse no tiene sabor ni forma, pero que sin embargo llena un espacio. Yo me sentía así, llena de nada.

Después de esa depresión me di cuenta de que no podía ver el futuro ignorando mi pasado. Mis padres y su arduo trabajo así como mi precaria infancia siempre me seguirían. El carbón me ofreció entonces otro significado: trabajo, la lucha diaria por la subsistencia. Esa pelea que obligó a mi familia a migrar.

El carbón tiene para mí un doble sentido: la lucha por la subsistencia y el miedo que lo acompaña.

Foto: Candela Lucas


Guadalupe Neves es docente universitaria investigadora y artista multimedia y performer. Fue co-fundadora del grupo Almarmada (1992-1997).

Ha realizado numerosas performances individuales y en colaboración, participando en  muestras y festivales en Argentina y en Chile, México, Uruguay, Canadá  Finlandia, España, Francia, Italia, Suecia y Japón