jueves, 11 de marzo de 2021


PAOC Performance Arte Open Call (USA)


PEPA Pequeño Evento de Performance Art (Spain) 

in collaboration with 




An international Virtual Viral Event Collaboration 

Curated by Verónica Peña and Analía Beltrán i Janés

15/03/21 3:30 pm CET:

Simultaneous international live online performances

Also Participating: OBLAK (India), INprocess (India), Pan Asia (South Korea), La Sonora Performancera (Mexico), PALTA (Bolivia)  


15/04/21 8:00 pm of each country



Isabel León in Spain

Isabel León is a spanish visual artist, independent cultural organizer, and teacher. Her work has focused on performance art, taking part in numerous festivals, events, and residences, also in Spain and abroad, such as Canada, Germany, Finland, Norway, Ukraine, or Morocco. She co-coordinates the project "EXCHANGE Live Art" to research communication and shared creative processes. She also teaches, conducting workshops in different contexts and institutions, such as art centers, universities, and independent spaces

Photo: Jorge Pastor

Lara Salmon in USA

Lara Salmon is a performance artist and writer based in Los Angeles, California. She often works internationally, composing location-specific performances to address social histories. Her pieces explore the endurance of a body pervaded by chronic pain. Lara has had eight solo and over thirty group exhibitions in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Cuba.

M.U.R.T.A. in Chile

I am Kareen but I work under the name M.U.R.T.A in my creations, I am by profession an architect and in eternal training a dancer. I am the director of my own dance company, I work as an independent architect and I am constantly searching for new languages ​​of expression, such as performance. I have participated in festivals and exhibitions in my country, Chile and abroad.

David López Restrepo in Denmark

Photo: David S López

Born in Medellín, Colombia, David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo studied a Bachelor of Fine and Visual Arts at the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia (U.P.T.C.), where he experimented with installation, video art and performance while working as a teacher at the preschool and pedagogic research center, “Rayuela”, where he experimented with different forms of pedagogy and developed a project
with children producing short films. When graduated from U.P.T.C,he travelled to Argentina where he studied a Master in Combined Artistic Languages at Universidad Nacional de las Artes (U.N.A.). His art works have been presented in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Norway,Sweden, Åland, Svalbard and in the Faroe Islands. His work is part of the Colombian Consulate’s “Artists abroad bank”. Currently, the artist lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he is the director of Performance køkkenet an organization of contemporary arts, organizing the International performance art festival Body Landscapes for the second year in row, with the support of the Danish Arts Foundation (StatensKunstFond). 
He is also work with video art,collage,installation, mail art and artist’s book.

Photo: Rodrigo Sylwan

PAOC Performance Arte Open Call

PEPA Pequeño Evento de Performance Art
YouTube: PEPA Pequeño Evento de Performance Art